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A new Pathfinder Society drop in event starting up 7pm-12am Wednesday nights at Red Castle Games 6416 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206

And the best part is…

Drum roll please…

A 10% discount on related products with your signed Chronicle Sheet!
That’s right folks come play the event in store and receive a discount on all the goodies that make playing so much fun.

New to Pathfinder society organized play? No problem, get your society number at the door. New to table top Role playing games? Even better! Register a new character before the event or grab a Pre-made at the door. Come early and check out the excellent selection of Pathfinder products available from our gracious hosts. One of our gaming veterans will be happy to help show you the ropes. And, did I mention the discount!?! What better way to kick off your Pathfinder adventure than with some sweet swag.

We kick off on 7/25/12 with “First Steps—Part I: In Service to Lore”.

“Intro 2: First Steps—Part II: To Delve the Dungeon Deep” on 8/1/12.

And “Intro 3: First Steps—Part III: A Vision of Betrayal” on 8/8/12.

We will run up to 3 tables as needed. Future events will have multiple tiers as necessary.

Hope to see lots of you fine adventuring souls come out and show our support for the local businesses that make this hobby great.

Home Page

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